Houses of Multiple Occupancy

Henry Rose are your go to experts when it comes to HMO property management in the Ipswich and Suffolk. We understand the management requirements of Houses of Multiple Occupancy can be more complicated than the equivalent single let but when done correctly can be much more profitable for a landlord. Shared properties generally have more wear and tear so it is important to keep on top of maintenance jobs whenever they come up.
HMO’s are also subject to more rules and regulations so it is important that an expert is on hand to guide you through the process.

Instruct Henry Rose Lettings and Sales to manage your HMO and our services will include

  • Check with the local authority to ensure the property is licensed if appropriate. Remembering that there is no compulsory licensing in Ipswich and Suffolk unless a HMO is either 3 floors of accommodation and/or has 5 or more rooms let out.
  • We will provide advice on any works that might be needed to the property before its use as a HMO.
  • We can organise a fire risk assessment if required.
  • Carry out Regular inspections to ensure the property is being used with respect.
  • We will organise a regular clean of the communal areas usually on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
  • All tenants will be carefully referenced and the latest right to rent regulations will be adhered to.
  • Rooms to let can be advertised on major portals to ensure the minimum amount of void between tenants.
  • We will ensure our management practices are in line with the latest requirements under the 2006 Management of HMO act.

HMO License requirements and process To recap, a HMO will need a licence if it is a three-story house and/or  is occupied by 5 or more people.
To apply for a licence you can contact Ipswich borough council directly. A licence may only be granted if the property meets the required standards set out by the local council.

Details of the process and costs can easily be found by using these handy links below.

Ipswich Borough Council main HMO page

Governments Licensing of HMO’s booklet

Management of HMO Regulations   2006

If you would like a free HMO consultation with one of our experts, please get in touch!